Park Avenue Thrift is a non-profit 501(c)(3) in Enid, Oklahoma.

Park Avenue Thrift, Enid’s Own Community Thrift Store opened for business October 1, 2007. Sales grow each week as the community discovers and supports the Park Avenue Thrift mission of Giving Away 100% of the Profit to Community Endeavors.

Situated at the Gateway to Downtown Enid, Park Avenue Thrift is Activity Central with customers vying for the 30+ parking spaces.

Enid is a grand place to live because of the people, community spirit, family fun opportunities, some special arenas for sports and entertainment, and a variety of non-profit agencies that contribute to the Quality of Life.

Believing that any time you help the community, you do a sacred thing, shopping and donating to Park Avenue Thrift is a tangible way to love their neighbor with an outreach that reflected care for the larger Enid community and a commitment to its Quality of Life.

Park Avenue Thrift Board

Molly Helm - chair

Molly Helm - chair

Purple Ink Consulting

“It’s not often that a nonprofit organization generates its own revenue and is able to give so much away without asking people for money. I love that we collect things that one household no longer wants, and finds new homes for them. Even better, Park Avenue Thrift turns our proceeds into community grants! It’s a joy to be part of a group that does so much good.”

Steven Mackie - Vice Chair

Steven Mackie - Vice Chair

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

“Shopping at PAT is a triple whammy: First, it is FUN! Second, it provides big money for cool art and educational projects. Third, and more importantly, it’s the sustainable way to shop as it saves the planet.

PAT’s Board of Directors is a group of civic minded individuals committed to running a sustainable thrift store while providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to the Enid community.”

Angie Grothe - Treasurer

Angie Grothe - Treasurer

Thai Yoga Massage

“Every time I visit Park Avenue Thrift, it’s like a treasure hunt. I love to find unique items that’s not available at your regular retail store. And of course knowing that the money I spent goes back to the Enid community.

My favorite thing about serving on the board? Working with a great group of board members who’s unified towards a common goal which is to grow PAT so that it can keep doing what it does best, giving back to the community.”

Marianne Gray

Marianne Gray

Enid Public Schools

“I’m always impressed with the diverse group of people that work and support Park Avenue Thrift. Everyone is committed to the same goal no matter their background.

Serving on the board allows me to have insight related to Park Avenue Thrift’s mission to serve the community. The skills learned make my life in Enid more rewarding.”

Andrew Long

Andrew Long

First Presbyterian Church

“I love many things about Park Avenue Thrift, but I especially love that there is an environmental sustainability aspect to the work that we do. From resale to recycling, Park Avenue Thrift supports quality of life initiatives in Enid in an environmentally friendly way.

My favorite part of serving on the Board is the sense of pride I feel when I attend an event and see Park Avenue Thrift’s name listed as a sponsor or supporter. Our Board does much more than look at reports and make rules; we are actively engaged in making Enid a great place to live!”

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

The thing I like best about Park Avenue Thrift is its support of quality of life programs in Enid. Accomplished by recycling and selling donated “stuff”, putting all the profits back into the community in the form of grants to other Enid non-profits and providing employment for 30 people. All without asking for money.

I like serving on this board because we get to see the results of our efforts put to good use throughout the Enid community.



“My favorite thing about PAT is how it improves the quality of life here in the Enid Area while providing an outlet for me to get rid of stuff I just don’t need so that other people can use it.

My favorite thing about serving on the PAT board is getting to see, first hand, the difference the organization makes in our community.”